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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

it hurts to be HONEST...

Have you ever looked so stupid, desperate to be loved?
Ever opened up your heart and soul, only to feel it being shoved?
Have you ever smiled with sincerity, to be called a spiteful liar?
Or gave a helping hand to one, you thought might see you higher?
Have you ever been so upset, that your stomach pains at night?
Or ever been the one who prayed, but never saw the light?
Have you ever looked up into the sky, and asked yourself, why me?
Shake your head and roll your eyes, and say, it's always bloody me!
Have you ever worked so hard to ensure that life goes well?
No matter what you sweat at, you feel like your in hell.
Have you ever laughed off all your sorrows, but remember when alone.
Tell the world that you don't care, but it hurts you to the bone.
Have you ever wondered, if you are what is wrong
I have...I have felt this....too too long.

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